Things to Do when Potty Training a Small Puppy

Potty training a small puppy can requires investment of more time, attention and energy than training larger dogs. However, you need to set up your puppy for success as the first step in potty training. Adopt a positive attitude, confidence and make it easier for the puppy to potty at the right place. Anticipate the need for the puppy to go and ensure that the place that you select for the puppy to toilet is close. Ensure that there are no distractions and obstacles. Nevertheless, there things that you should always do when potty training your small puppy.


You need to supervise your puppy during potty training. Make sure that its movement or freedom is restricted to a relatively small area where supervision is possible. Have a baby gate and flooring that you can clean with ease. You can include puppy pads with one at the corner from the water bowl or bed. Observe the puppy closely for signs that it wants to go. Common signs among puppies include sniffing and circling. Do not expect the puppy to go far to potty. If for instance you use pads, it is unlikely that the puppy will move from one end of a home to another to potty. This is usually the case when the small puppy is entertained or playing. This is because the puppy will not want to stop everything or miss out on fun to go far to potty. Therefore, choose a close toileting place.

Have a routine

Have potty breaks when the puppy first wakes up after a nap or from sleeping as well as after meals, playtime or anything that makes the puppy excited. Initial training can require hourly breaks. Having a routine for potty training a small puppy enables the puppy to learn when there will be potty breaks. Anticipating the needs of a small puppy will enable you to come up with a routine that enables the puppy to maintain the desired potty habits. Also schedule the feeding times to help the body of the puppy in establishing a natural rhythm.

Be consistent

There are different ways of potty training small puppies the most effective way to potty train your dog or puppy. You can choose among outdoor and pad training, strict outdoor training, pad training and crate training. Select one method and stick to it throughout the training period. Changing the training tactics or moving the target or even having more than one target will confuse the puppy. Therefore, choose one training method and a single toileting target.

Provide positive reinforcement

When the puppy does the right thing, praise it. The dog is interested in pleasing you. Therefore, let the puppy know that you are pleased by praising it. You can follow up your praise with a reward. However, make sure that the puppy knows why you are rewarding it.

Generally,puppy potty training might not be glamorous. However, if you treat it like an interesting, fun sport instead of a bothersome chore, it becomes easier and chances of success are also increased.

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