Tips that Make Potty Training Puppies Fast

Knowing tips for puppy potty training that make puppies fast will enable you to speed up the process of potty training your puppy. Generally, training a puppy to eliminate outside is a process that requires time and patient. However, there are ways via which you can speed up this process. Repetition and consistency are important to training puppies. Nevertheless, teaching the puppy to eliminate outside is an important part of taking care of it. Otherwise, you will have to clean up unhygienic and unsightly masses in the house.

Know the right time for taking the puppy out

Typically, young puppies need to go out every hour. However, puppies are different and some will not wake up to go outside while sleeping. Be attentive to the times when the puppy might want to go out. For instance, a puppy might want to go out after playing, running around or drinking water. Take the puppy out after waking up, before going to bed and before leaving it alone. You can also write down times when you take the puppy out. This will enable you to avoid forgetting which can make the puppy toilet inside. Additionally, have a track of the times when you potty train the puppy. This will enable you to ensure that things run smoothly and that the puppy learns faster.

Show the puppy where to go toileting

When you have a special spot designated for puppy toileting, potty training puppies fast become possible and easy. Take the puppy outside when the time for eliminating comes. If the puppy does what it is supposed to do outside, praise it so that it can associated the process of eliminating outside with the rewarding experience. To make potty training faster, take the puppy to a similar place every time rather than letting the puppy wander around. This way, the puppy will learn where to go. If for any reason you are unable to take the puppy outside, have an enclosed area that has newspapers or training pads for the puppy to go on.

Feed the puppy on schedule

When you give the puppy food on time and establish a feeding schedule, you will help the puppy in regulating its system. This will help in speeding up the process of potty training it. Having a feeding schedule will also help in reducing accidents because you will estimate when the puppy might need to go out to toilet. Avoid giving the puppy many treats or food between meals unless if you want to throw away the elimination schedule. watch our youtube video to find more information

Avoid punishing the puppy

If the puppy has an accident, do not punish it. Just clean the mess up and me diligent in training it. This is because the reason why the puppy had an accident could be because you did not pay attention. This means that you are responsible for the mistake. Punishing the puppy will ruin the relationship that you have established with it.

Generally, potty training requires time and patience. However, tips for potty training puppies fast make this process easier.

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