A Routine for Potty Training a Puppy

While potty training a puppy, you need to know what to do and when to do it. Puppy potty training is a process that requires time, dedication and consistency. You need to understand your puppy and its habits in order to potty train it successfully.

Before you start a new routine

You need to start by cleaning all areas that have been used by the puppy previously during elimination. For instance, ,you can use washing powders or products that are specifically formulated for removing odor and stains that are associated with dog elimination. This will ensure that the puppy will not mark such places and reuse them for elimination during the training process.

Every day

The first thing that you need to do after waking up is taking the dog outside to the place that you have designated as the toilet for your puppy. Also make this the last thing you do before you go to bed. Place soiled newspapers in this place because the smell of the urine will make the dog know that it is time to pee or poop. Let the dog walk down and up, sniff or even run in the area because sniffing and exercise will help in stimulating the dog to pee or poop. Nevertheless, avoid exciting games and other activities that might disrupt the puppy. If the dog stays at the place for five minutes without peeing or going to the toilet, take it back to the house but watch it closely. Repeat this process again to ensure that the puppy toilets at the right place. This means that you have to set adequate time aside for potty training a puppy and make several visits to your designated place.

Know the signs to always look for

There are typical signs that will show you that your puppy needs to pee or poop. Such signs include circling, sniffing around especially on the floor, looking restless and visiting the room that it has toileted in previously. Take the dog to the chosen place immediately and wait for it to do its business patiently. Praise the puppy gently for doing this.

Dog crates

These are ideal tools for puppy potty training. A dog will rarely soil its own bed. If your puppy gets used to a crate, you can pop it in there even for a short period when supervising it directly becomes impossible or when you have other things to concentrate on. If the puppy is not used to a crate, try to make it used to staying there for some time. Nevertheless, make sure that the puppy is comfortable.

At night

You can put the crate or bed of your dog in the bedroom. If the puppy is outside, leave the bedroom door open to ensure that you can hear the puppy moving around or whining if it wakes up and wants to go to the toilet at night.

Generally, potty training a puppy requires dedication. You must set adequate time aside to supervise your dog throughout.

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