A Guide for Potty Training Your Dog Effectively

Potty training your dog might be one of the major challenges that you will face when you adopt your new dog. Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, there will most probably be accidents for you to clean up. Although theoretically cleaning up the accidents is simple, training the dog to go to the toilet outside is not easy. Usually, it is a lengthier and frustrating process than it ought to be especially without the right guidance.

Important things to ensure during potty training

While potty training the dog, make sure that it is with you most of the time. If you are unable to watch the dog attentively and closely, consider using playpen or crate training. You can also use the bathroom or laundry as a den. It is also important that you use motivating and appropriate rewards. This is a treat and it is important if your dog is not motivated by a game or praise. Ensure that you have treats for your dog in order to reward it within a few minutes. Additionally, take the puppy out at most every hour. Ensure consistency and repetition. This is because when you reward the dog more occasionally, it will learn the right behavior faster. You also need to be patient. Punishing the pet for a mistake will not teach it anything. It will only make the pet fear you. If a dog makes a mistake, try to take it out more often.

Puppy pads

Those advocating for the puppy pad use say that they train the dog to toilet at the right place. After the dog gets used to toileting there, start moving pads closer to the opening or door. Although this can work, you have to teach the dog to always use pad and eventually learn that it needs to go outside.

Crate training

This is one of the best ways of potty training your dog if you cannot be with the dog every minute. It is also ideal for you if you have a dog that needs to rest several hours. If you will confine your dog when you have guests or travel with it frequently, you can invest in a bigger crate. Crate training is good if you want your dog to learn how to hold on in order to avoid toileting on cozy den. The dog learns to select an ideal place for toileting away from its bed.

Know when the dog wants to toilet

Adult dogs take relatively longer before toileting when compared to puppies. This is because puppies have no instinct for holding on and their bladders are smaller. In most cases, adult dogs toilet in the morning and after drinking eating or playing. Make sure that you know when your dog wants to toilet to ensure that it is at the right place when this need comes.

Extra tips

Have an alarm at the beginning of the training process to remind you to take the dog out. Use appropriate cue words for encouraging the dog and have a single spot for toileting. Additionally, reward the dog to make potty training your dog fast and effective.

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